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Helpful Tips

Air Quality

Dirty air quality in your home or business can aggravate respiratory problems for people breathing it regularly. Although vacuuming and dusting help control the large dust particles, but small dirt particles, dander, and pollen are a misery for most people. Further air problems are exasperated with smoking, poor ventilation of outdoor air, indoor pets, unvented stoves, fireplaces, and the use of cleaning supplies and pesticides.

These irritants are also a hazard to your air conditioning and heating system left unchecked can lead to more expensive problems down the road. Although we recommend quality air filters routinely changed, there are other devices and solutions to help you and your system breathe easier. Call STX Heating and Cooling today at 361-592-2000 to schedule our air-quality professionals to test, provide recommendations, and install the needed equipment.

Energy Saving

  • Lowering the Energy Bills During the Warm Months - Install heavier curtains or thermal panels and keep them closed during the warmest parts of the day and/or on the sides of the home facing direct sunlight. Keep lights and fans off in unoccupied rooms.
  • Ceiling Fans Are a Great Help - Unlike box or¬†oscillating fans that move air in one direction, ceiling fans have a switch that can help force warm and cool air during summer and winter months.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat - A programmable thermostat can keep air temperatures consistent during the cool early morning hours and warm afternoon and evening hours.
  • Sitting in the Shade - Just like when you're comfortable in the shade during a hot day, your roof and sun-facing exterior walls enjoy the shade as well. Planting trees not only help the environment, improves your property values, but helps shade your home during the summer months.
  • When Not in Use, Turn It Off - All electronic devices emit heat. Turning off electronic devices and appliances when not in use will help keep your work/living area cooler.